The Flying Yenta has landed

Welcome! Although it’s called “Yenta,” this blog has very little to do with Jewish matchmaking. So if you’re looking for something romantically-inspired, there are plenty of other pages: for instance,, or OKCupid, or even certain sections of Craigslist.

The author spent countless nights pondering potential names for this publication. Red October was an option – an allusion to the author’s Communist upbringing. The Red Tea Party was also considered and then discarded, due to its excessively boastful title. And after all, who wants to party with tea?

Other possibilities included Russian cuisine: Pelmeni Chronicles, or Rye Delicious. Or Babushka. Everything suggested plumpness. Roundness. Carbs. It made the author sleepy just thinking about it.

So a bit about the Flying Yenta‘s meaning:
Flying is a reference to magical realism, (im)migration and flightiness. Yenta is a classic female Jewish name. So put the two together, and you’ll get a slightly-neurotic, dreamy brand of creative nonfiction. Onward, comrades!

5 thoughts on “The Flying Yenta has landed

  1. I was slowly making my way backwards, and finally came across this. Thank God! I have been meaning to ask you what the hell “Flying Yenta” was 🙂
    Did you know you and I started blogging in the same month, same year?

    • Thank you, it means so much! And very fortuitous that we started at the same time (and both have unusual blog names)! I haven’t been good about posting lately due to insane schedule, but will be back soon – and am planning to thoroughly browse those Come Due Mailali posts I haven’t gotten to yet 🙂

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