I’m back! And 2015: The Year of Badassery

How is this year different from all other years? Facebook and blogs are bursting with commitments to being slimmer, loving with abandon, eating kale, making cash. Photos of women laughing on the beach in the wind or holding a plank abound. There are the warnings about why New Year’s resolutions fail and advice on fool-proofing, from buying apps to taking diet pills. No stranger to resolutions this year, I’ve got nearly a dozen of my own.

In 2015, everyone seems to be fundamentally wanting the same thing: the fierce resolve to get stuff done. So I’d like to join in and proclaim the year 2015 to be the year of badassery.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “you need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” However trying the task, unleash your passion and stand tall, proud and unyielding, he believed. Be a badass.

Badassery is a prerequisite for developing a healthful body and mind, for disengaging from toxic acquaintances and cultivating positive ones, for pursuing a daunting job or a project. A badass can confront the big obstacles and overcome the petty ones, awakening that doughy sleepy self of fear and inertia. Psychologists, like Amy Cuddy, figured out that something as simple as one’s posture can increase the chances of success. Positive self-talk even more so. So why not channel Beyonce, even if just dancing extemporaneously in the kitchen? Why not pretend, just for a while, to be a Navy Seal, a high-rolling CEO or Olivia Pope? My goal is simple and shareable: Remember the badass that you already are and watch those resolutions take flight.olivia-pope


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